Mobile App Developer Job Vacancy


· Develop SDKs, libraries, and widgets to create a mobile application development platform

· Work as part of a cross-functional team, which includes user experience researchers and designers, product managers, back-end engineers, and other functional specialists

· Advocating for and practicing agile engineering principles and practices such as API-first design, simple design, DevOps, continuous integration, version control, and automated testing

· Selecting and implementing the right tools, frameworks, languages, and technologies for the job, with a focus on open-source solutions

· Analyze systems to identify instability, unreliability, and other opportunities for improvement

· Design, document, and communicate solutions for improvement

Desired Skills and Experience:

· Full lifecycle of iOS and Android applications

· Experience with Kotlin, Swift/Objective-C, React Native, or Flutter

· Experience using mobile design patterns, building mobile frameworks, SDKs, and building custom widgets

· Creating APIs and libraries

· Experience using version control systems like Git and CI/CD tools for mobile development

· Create API documentation and deployment instructions

· Apply good software engineering principles and practices

· Ability to communicate clearly to technical and non-technical audiences

· Experience working within an agile team

Job Type: Full-time



Gender: Male.

Required Language: English.

Age: Between 24 – 30.

Please send your CV to